I delivered my Def Strawberry Jam and my salsa verde (possibly to be named Zapata’s Vacation and Zapata’s Revenge for mild and spicy respectively) to the State Fair this afternoon. I love the women there. All I want to do is hug them and eat cookies with them! Already a million jars of a million other things had been dropped off, I don’t count my chances too high. It’s fun either way and next year I’ll submit more.
David and I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home from camping. It’s a strange fact, but people who finish camping crave huge amounts of fat and protein. Somewhere along the line McDonald’s has started printing the nutrition info on their food. Holy shit. Everyone knows McDonald’s is unhealthy, but what surprised me was just HOW unhealthy it was. I could not for the life of me figure out how they managed to cram that many calories and grams of fat into anything. I’m not the healthiest eater around, but I’m generally aware of the nutritional value of what I eat. We were blown away.
I got a quarter pounder and medium fries and that was almost 900 calories. The sodium and fat content would choke a horse. Now, I certainly agree that a lot of the obesity epidemic is about making poor choices, I’m proof of that. I’m educated and well informed about nutrition and I still make choose the gooier options. I gotta say, however, that there’s no way I would have put a simple burger and fries up that high. Doing my own research I found that I can put together a similar meal at 1/2 to 2/3 the calories.
What exactly are those fuckers putting in the food anyway?
Luckily I almost never eat there or I’d be way way fatter than I am.
also unrelatedly…
We brought back 2 quarts of wild blueberries from the BWCA. I will be making jam with 1 quart and we will be eating the rest. Do not ask me for any blueberry jam. Just don’t. I’m not sharing it with anyone and especially not with anyone who asks for it. It took us 90 minutes in the hot sun to collect those berries and that was after days of not finding any in the usual places. Mine. I get to be greedy once in a while.
bu relatedly…
After 90 minutes in the hot sun I decided that migrant farm workers needed to be paid more. Jesus, that sucked and I was just doing it for myself. I can’t imagine having to do it to support a family. Migrant farm workers need to network and unionize for fair wages and America needs to stop being such babies about what their food costs. Hell, if you want to complain about food costs lets talk about the recent hike in dairy prices since cattle feed has gotten so expensive as a result of the dimwitted and short sighted E-85 ethanol bullshit.
It’s after 11 and I need to eat me some dinner.