pile of

Today Levi dropped little Doti off for the weekend. Currently, a little house with 3 dogs doesn’t seem like a big deal. In fact it’s been really boring. Of course that could be because Doti had to take a dramamine before she came over and she’s still sleeping it off. Perhaps I should prepare for the wear-off.
She and Chester are trying to determine territories and the level to which they should protect them. Chester’s idea of ‘territory’ seems to be defined as ‘anything that fits in my mouth’ while Doti’s is just her crate. This means that Chester has hoarded a lot of ‘new’ toys but is still unsure of the mini soccer ball because it takes a lot of effort to get it in his mouth.
I left work early today. I felt bad because both my boss and my fall back stand in dude were out, but I figured multiple days of intestinal distress justified the leaving. Also, I was fucking crabby as hell and i figured I should leave before my mouth got me in trouble. Once you’re overcome by the urge to scream “get the fuck away from my desk” at people you usually enjoy, you know you gotta go because what happens when Mr Mustache starts talking to you about his erotic adventures with strawberries and mundanity.
The search is on for a house. I’m feeling very tentative about it, but logic says this is an amazing time to buy. Of course my soul is says i’m not ready for that kind of commitment. I’m handing it off to fate. What happens is what happens and everything works itself out in the end. Of course I’ve made it clear that my requirements are a fenced back yard for the dogs (and whatever other animals I collect along the way) and a dishwasher. My only chance at long term sanity is a dishwasher.
Of course, I have been checking the listings and have already found a few dream houses in our price range…