and here I thought I was being clever

We can file this in the box labeled “incredibly fun but ultimately stupid ideas”
I love Cheerios. I don’t know why, but I do. I adore Cheerios. This is strange because I used to be sort of opinionless about Cheerios, now I can’t get enough.
More specifically, the Effexor makes me crave certain foods and I must eat huge amounts of whatever I am craving on an almost daily basis. Right now it’s Cheerios and baby carrots (I just ate a pound of baby carrots for lunch). I suppose it could be worse. I could crave frosting and veal, or deep fried twinkies, or hell, booze for that matter. If it were booze then most of these posts would be “oh my god! I’m so drunk right now and I was so drunk all the time”. So, luckily, right now it’s Cheerios and baby carrots. Once it was red meat and I bought 2 steaks, barely cooked them and ate them mostly raw. Very Rosemary’s Baby.
I also love to soak in the tub. Our shower head broke a couple weeks back and needed to be replaced and I was not in a hurry to replace it as it meant I got to get in the tub and read every night. The shower head got replaced this weekend (thanks mom!) but I still got in the tub last night.
The best thing in the world (right now at least) is soaking in the tub with a book and a gigantic bowl of Cheerios. I don’t mean like just a big bowl, I mean like I take a midsized mixing bowl and fill it with Cheerios. Last nigth David was setting me up with my Cheerios and he grabbed a good sized Glad Ware container for me to use. As I waited for him to bring the Cheerios, milk and sugar (he’s really awesome. Have I told you that? super awesome.) I realized that the bowl floated in the water. Well yay! we stuck the bowl in the water, added cereal, milk and sugar and there I was devouring the SS Heart Healthy!
I was like the health conscious Godzilla reigning in terror over my little O victims.
The thing about Glad Ware is that it is very thin, and as such, not necessarily a good insulator. Soon enough the milk took on the temperature of the tub water and the Amazingly Fun Cheerio Adventure became the Kinda Weird Warm Cheerio Exercise in Commitment to Finishing The Giant Bowl Because I said I would.
Lesson learned I guess.