One last one….

Dear kids who went into my mom’s yard and smashed her bird feeders and bird houses,
Fuck you.
Seriously, fuck you. What the hell is wrong with you? How can you, at that age, have so much unchecked anger and lack of sense that you can do something like that? And apparently you went around town smashing mailboxes and other things. fucking miscreants.
So, the theory is that you are student at the school where my mom is a teacher. Are you doing this for revenge? Do you think that you were treated unfairly and now, in the cover of dark you step forward using baseball bats to smash small items. You are too cowardly to do anything else but sneak around at night smashing things.
Were you trying to hurt my mother? Well, was the collateral damage worth it? All those birds losing their homes and food dispensers. More importantly, you didn’t know that those weren’t my mother’s bird houses and feeders. They were her father’s. He put those up so he could watch the birds. He put a lot of work into finding the right foods and houses to attract certain birds. He had a field guide to birds and he would watch and identify them. Some of those bird houses were gifts to him, his friends understood what it meant.
You think you are so important, that you are the centers of some angry universe, that you alone are the arbiters of your own twisted revenge. You are not. You are children unable to see beyond the invisible borders of your tiny shit town. You are pitiful and wasted.

2 thoughts on “One last one….

  1. You have got to be kidding! Sis, Dad, I am so on a mission to find bird feeders now! Electric ones, that blow poisoned darts.

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