oh…there you are

I’m not sure what happened in the whole “switch to make the comments work better” deal, but it seems that the spam was getting posted and the non-spam was getting junked. There I was wondering why no one was commenting anymore and there you were, commenting.
And I finally found all the comments and returned them to their rightful glory on my site. WOO DOGGY.
Today is Chester’s birthday. To celebrate his birthday he peed on the rug as I was trying to take him out and then he spent the day barking. I know that dogs regress a little at their first birthday, but I’ll never get used to it. He’s been acting like a punk ass for over a week now.
I’m telling him that he doesn’t have to go to class tonight because it’s his birthdya, but the reality is far worse. He’s been a punk ass. He goes to class and completely ignores me and I’m a big fucking baby and I just don’t have the energy to go to class and be the dunce kid. The teacher makes it clear that she doesn’t lay blame and that chester is smart and all, but….I just don’t want to be the one person there who can’t move on to “stay” because I can’t even get him to do a basic “watch me”. I’m a big baby.
Anyway, wish him a happy birthday and remind him to stop being such a jackass.