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Public Radio is going to kill me

I’m pretty sure that public radio is trying to kill me. This isn’t paranoia or me just trying to blame a giant, faceless entity for my own stupidity. It’s true, there’s a conspiracy.
1) While listening to a bit about the process of hand mixing fabric dyes in Afghanistan, I missed my turn to go home and subsequently turned on the wrong street
2) Listening to an interview with the ambassador to Sudan and his wienery way of wiggling out of any question that could not be answered with a reference to the glory of sudan I ended up way south of my house and had to creep around the lake to get home
3) my car displays the artist and song title on the radio. When i am listening to the minnesota public radio’s station that is supposed to be playing “new, alternative music” (and I’m such an old lady that when I listen I end up saying things like, “comb your hair, cheer up and go outside for a little bit” and “your whiny voice doesn’t hide your lack of talent” and “oh great, another blast from the eighties! Goodness, I’m glad I got to hear ‘Faith No More’ once more before I died!”). Every once in a while they do play something of interest that sounds both new AND good (because a lot of the shit sounds new, but stuffing a reed up my ass and listening to whistlefarts also sounds new but you wouldn’t want to hear it) and I want to see what I am listening to. I have to stare at my radio face and the road and the radio face and the road and the radio face and the road and try to watch the light turn red and not die before I get the name of the artist which I will promptly forget because I can remember things I don’t need to know (like the fact that I was wearing a beige sweater at the record store appearance of Soul Coughing 2 million years ago, but I cannot remember the name of the record store).
4) an explanation of how the sub-prime mortgage market implosion affects me made me late for work
5) listening to Kevin Kling talk about dachshunds and dog sledding found me in the garage with the car running for longer than is healthy
6) last night I totally blew through a stop sign while listening to a story about Albert Einstein
Actually, it seems that public radio isn’t trying to kill me but is trying to use me as a tool to kill others. interesting.
In further geek news, April got David the first 2 seasons of the new Doctor Who on DVD. I was not so interested, i’ve never been terribly interested in Doctor Who and in watching the first episode I was really not interested, but I kept watching. It’s actually not bad. I mean it’s not high art or anything (except for the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances two parter, that was awesome) and the science is way way wrong most of the time but it’s quirky and fun. I will say that Christopher Eccleston makes a funnier, more thoughtful and better looking Doctor that David Tennant can ever hope to be.
And by comparing Doctors in this way, I have doomed myself to a life of tucked in button down shirts, inhalors and New Years Eve parties spent playing video games in cheap hotel rooms! (oh, Anna, did I totally diss you there? yeah, I think I did! I am your mom and I took you to school in the car of pain!!!! Guess that will teach you to miss lunch you overcaffienated monkey-picker!)
Also also I have reopened comments to all and I am taking on a new strategy to fight comment spammers. So leave a comment, just don’t try to sell me clear prom shoes, visa cards, outdoor area rugs, hoover vacuum cleaner parts and viagra.