happy birthday!

Let’s all wish the nipple grabbing Irish Boy a very happy 32nd birthday and declare “Cá bhfuil an leithreas? Tá Dáithi ag glacadh cithfholctha sa ndorchadas.”
EDIT: If you have had trouble making comments on this post, the problems have been fixed. Apparently, Movable Type hates Irish. It’s not surprising, everyone hates everything from Ireland so a software program hating on the language is no real surprise. Please, leave a comment and wish him a very happy birthday (this means you, Anna, he introduced you to Mike and you owe him big time for that)

9 thoughts on “happy birthday!

  1. Thanks!
    It’s very kind of you.
    Anna I want you to know that bringing Mike into your life was a pleasure and no thanks are needed.
    April you show a lot of trust in me to wish that all my dreams may come true.
    I’m sure that your parents, Fiancé, friends and a selection of human rights lawyers would have something to say if they knew my dreams.
    But let’s not worry about the details.
    Heather, my little ray of god’s sunshine, far be it from me to suggest that your grasp of the poetic language of Irish is less than it should be BUT to say that I am “accepting showers in the darkness” doesn’t make a lot of sense.
    But the fault could be mine for expecting sense from you after all I’ve seen so far.
    Finally your comment about hating everything from Ireland is going to bring some bad juju down on you. I promise you that your life will be cursed, your coffee will taste incredibly bitter and your progeny or even your dogs will become republicans unless you retract and recant.

  2. certainly I could see your point about the showers…except that it is undoubtedly true. You have, you are and you will continue to accept showers in the dark.

  3. I make it a point to accept all things from small angry Minnesotans and hope that by doing so they may eventually go away

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