Sticky goo

Last night I made 2 batches of jam
1) Waikinky: pineapple, mango, lemon, orange marmalade that could also be called “holy crap, i need to do something with all this fruit”
2) Merciful Peaches: peach and tangerine jam
Now that I have this jam making thing figured out it’s going to be nutty. If anybody has received jams from me and would like to receive more, please return the jars and the rings (the flat lids can be tossed, I cannot reuse them) and I will refill the jars with jams as I make them. sexy.

5 thoughts on “Sticky goo

  1. there would be many more batches of strawberry jams, but I am out of jars and have not had time to get to fleet farm

  2. Ok enough about Jam – I thought you guys called it something else like jelly or jizm or something – anyway it’s my birthday and I demand to have strange people from Minnesota wish me happy birthday

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