Treasure Island

Come to my house and sit still. Let the quiet of the morning wash over you. Completely relax.
Once you are relaxed start to look around. Don’t look with any intensity, just glance from once spot to another. Eventually, like those magic eye posters, they will come into focus. Little bits of orangish brown poking out here and there. You’ll realize their everywhere.
They are treasure. Little doggie treasure. Chester maniacally hides about 50% of his dog biscuits and all of the dog biscuits that Maddie doesn’t eat. Sometimes you’ll look over and see him snuffling in a corner, his demeanor frantic. His head will pop up and he’ll have a dog biscuit dangling out. He’s ‘dug’ one up and is trying to find a new place for it. Sometimes, late in the evening, he’ll dig one up and settle in to eat it.
He’s an industrious little guy. My job now is to find a way to focus this industriousness so he feels like he is working and does not become completely neurotic about it. Anyone know how to make a rat terrier feel like he is working (besides seeding the house with live rats for him to catch)?
PS this week the dogs are officially known as Duke Chester III of Nokomia and The Right and Good Princess Maddie of the Boombalatties.