and I don’t go back!

Today was the last day of work until the 2nd of January. Hooray for working at a school. We did the usual pizza party, cookie eating, “see you next year” song and dance. It was good in a predictable way.
We finally got the snow we’d been waiting for all winter (and by ‘we’ I mean everyone else, I can do just fine without it). Thank god for traction control! My car may be big but it’s built like a fucking tank, I got no fear in the winter with that thing.
This is the first year in a long time that I just don’t have any plans for the holiday break. We aren’t going to New Orleans, I’m not hosting anything, just a lot of quiet, some cleaning, some jam making, some crocheting, some bread making and some time with the dogs.
David, being the sweetest guy ever, just called me for dinner, so it’s off for me.
(I promise to write something more interesting later)