The roadmap

Let’s talk about how you got here, shall we. How did you find this site? How did you get from whatever it was you were looking at to here.
Did you search for something?
Did you follow a link?
Was it just some random pounding on the keyboard?

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That image is a list of search terms that brought people to this site.
Velvet Cerebellum? okay, that makes sense. It’s the name of the site, but it is not precisely the name in the URL so searching for the name of the site makes sense. Searching for velvet-c confuses me. You already know the url, why are you searching for it?
Beebombom also perplexes me because it’s a word I made up, it’s in exactly one post, it’s utter nonsense and only occasionally will actually turn up a result on Google.
Chris Noth, Subaru Brat, floating raviolis, neils yard dairy, formfit panties…these are all things I have written about at one time or another. Knitting? Yeah, I knit and I’ve talked about it. Monkeysnaps? no idea.
Plastic vaginal plungers manufacturers??? What the fuck???? Seriously! What the fuck is that? I have no idea what that is, I have no idea what a plastic vaginal plunger is and I certainly don’t know who manufactures them!
Who are you people? Why are you researching plastic vaginal plungers??? WHY??? Seriously, if you or someone you know is researching plastic vaginal plungers or the manufacture of said plungers and you have stumbled upon this website, let me know! You dn’t have to reveal anything about yourself, just tell me about these plungers.
Also, “don’t want to hear about vagina”? Who DOESN’T want to hear about vagina? Speaking of vagina, there was a 100 pound vagina replica on the 3rd floor at work today. I make sure to mention it was a replica because I am sure that somewhere at work there is an actual 100 pound vagina.
“covered elastic underpants”. aaaaah yeah…hammer time.

9 thoughts on “The roadmap

  1. the true sadness is that for months people got here from searching for analworld and I don’t have screenshots of that.

  2. Also, when you think about it, it’s kinda funny to imagine someone, with a serious vaginal clog, frantically google searching out her solution only to pull up a post about h’s underwear.

  3. Monkeysnaps is me – in my email address. Somebody must be hunking me because I mentioned on rfc that I read your blog on occassion. Damn Groupies.

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