mmmm additcion-o-licious

Friday I used the last of the coffee beans in my coffee (4 shot americano, but you knew that). Saturday morning I was paralyzed, unable to move. I knew I would not get my bittersweet hit of caffeine goodness anytime soon.
Then the headache started.
and grew worse.
at one point I moved funny, held my breath as I strained and the resultant pain in my head was almost more than I could bear. I grew cranky and recalcitrant but I TRIED to be (if not pleasant) neutral. My head felt like a raw, esposed nerve filled ball of lead. I wanted to cry but the effort would have drawn more pain.
When we got to the coffee shop David had to remind me to not look so cranky, I didn’t even realize I was making grumble-face.
We bought more coffee beans, Cafe Fair brand, fair trade organic something or other Machu Picchu blend. Normally, I don’t care about organic, free trade coffee beans, but David picked these up once and we tried them and I fell desperately in love. The coffee has a definite bittersweet chocolate flavor to it, they’re not chocolate flavored, just the natural chocolate flavor of the coffee has been coaxed out. I now make my coffee at home instead of going to the coffee shop every morning.
I am currently sitting in bed writing thins. David has made me a very strong americano and is bringing me toast with creamed honey and banana slices and peanut butter. Did I mention that David rules? he rules.