Slowly I begin to breathe without the drawn out exhalations. I can wake up without the flood of pain. I can tell stories about my little fella without breaking down and sobbing.
Logic dictates that time will take care of this and I know this is true and so I wait patiently. I pay attention to the phases of grief. I analyse every laugh and every light conversation.
As I come up for air I remember things. Chicken came back. Then Chicken left again. Grellow lost a bit of his tail in the lid to the aquarium but he’s no worse for the wear. David’s family is all in town this weekend. It’s the middle of November and the temps are in the upper 40’s. So strange, so very strangely warm.
I received so many emails and notes from people. I really appreciate every kind word said, every tear shared. I cannot replace Ghengis ever, but one day there will be a new little dog.
And I will name him “Riblet”