I feel your envy

There are numerous reasons why I dig David so much, he can reach things on the high shelves, he has nicknames for me like “Majority” and participates in impromptu dance parties with me. Yeah, it’s all good.
The thing is, though, when you really like somebody it is for all the ways they are not like anyone else. You like that thing which makes them unique and special.
Daivd is a damned good shopper. Surprisingly good. I could poll 10 of my female friends (do I have 10? I’m not even sure) and every one of them would tell me that their male counterparts are terrible with the clothes shopping, they don’t like to go, they never have opinions, they get cranky and they aren’t helpful. David is the exact opposite. He actively seeks out clothes for me, changes out sizes when i need it, offers up options, gives REAL opinions about things, is patient. He’s helpful! He’s good at clothes shopping. I’m terrible at it, i get so frustrated with it. He’s good, he keeps me calm.
We spent the entire day clothes shopping and I learned something. Men’s clothes are way cheaper than women’s and the sizing makes so much more sense!! We bought lots of clothes, heard the same song 4 times. We shopped for a hell of a long time.
Also, I need to lay off the salami sandwiches for a while. Either that or pants manufacturers need to start sizing for the salami sandwich factor.

4 thoughts on “I feel your envy

  1. I never understood women’s clothing sizes. What’s an “8”? Can a size 8 garment contain 8 units of woman?

  2. women’s clothing sizes do not make sense and are never consistent from brand to brand. Also, sizes are becoming larger and larger so a woman who wore a size 8 might now be in a size 6 or 4 even though she hasn’t changed. Also, if you’re short like me then you have to scrounge and scrounge for “short” “ankle” or “petite” length pants and most of the time pants makers only make short jeans but you can’t get good dress pants.
    this is why I hate clothes shopping.

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