um yeah

this is just short and sweet. If any of you got a text message frm me tonight about me loing you and not wanting you to die, it wasn’t me. A certain tri-testicled Irish Jackass got ahold of my phone and sent messages to everyone I knew.
Also, if you received a call from a desperately lonely IT guy….well, aren’t all IT guys desperately lonely?

8 thoughts on “um yeah

  1. Dude!
    That freaking irish boy is LeHot.
    And thanks for the message that made no sense and made me scared shitless about what was going on with you last night, man.

  2. Darling, the lonely factor of IT dudes is one of those things you have to learn for yourself. You never really believe it when you hear about it, you believe that generalizations are just wrong or something.
    Then you meet them…

  3. I’m not so much lonely as I am fun-loving and loony. Maybe a bit odd, but show me a IT guy who’s not. In my own defense I never placed any calls. That was done by our hot Irish friend.

  4. perhaps you will notice that when you combine “loving” and “looney” you get “lonely”? It’s just a linguistic thought

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