just trust

When you have jarred mol� and the instructions say “mix 4 parts water with one part mol�” trust the damned instructions!!! Don’t mix the sauce and the water together and think “this is too dmaned thin!” or go ahead and think that, I’m not the boss of your thoughts. Whatever you do, don’t double the amount of sauce! It thickens as it cooks! It heats up and gets thicker. THICKER. Too thick and strong and you will end up adding that much more water.
On the other hand you will end up with 8 million buttload of mol� which tastes great on everything. Also, make more tofu than you think you need since you will end up with all this sauce. The sauce is delicious and you want to eat it on everything and you wonder what it would be like on ice cream. I’m a total mol� whore. I’m gonna go buy me an abuelita to make me wonderful mol� all day every day.
Let’s see…what else…
I love love love love the tech support at MovableType! I really really do. I am being assured every step of the way that I am not functionally retarded and that it is not necessary for me to beat anyone or anything with a sledgehammer! She defines the problem, tells em what needs to be done and then summarizes everything into exactly what I need to ask my host’s useless tech guys. Amazing. I should send them cheesecake and tequila!
A week to Texas! WOOOOOO!
I absolutely need to stop watching all the videos of the animals being saved and in danger in New Orleans. I am forced to picture Ghengis or Maddie in these situations and it kills me. I imagine Ghengis when he gets sad and he lays down and puts his nose between his paws and watches the room using only his eyebrows. Maddie is so loving and trusting it would kill her to think I abandoned her. I don’t want to think about those poor, sad, confused dogs and cats with no good way to survive and no good way to understand what’s going on.
but let’s not talk about things excessively depressing…
Dammit, i wish I didn’t make my anniversary weekend with David a secret because I want to ramble on about it. I want to tell you all about it and say “dating me is an adventure” and you will agree! Okay, I will continue to give him clues and when he figures it out I will share it with the world.
today…it’s an amazingly good day!