I miss Sealab 2021. I miss Hesh. Remember when Hesh was dressed up like a geisha? good times.
My brain is slow tonight. Can’t make the words work. It’s hot in here too. It’s always warmer inside than it is outside. I need a fan.
I got an invite to Montreal. I want to go and see the dinosaurs but I have to go before halloween. Halloween weekend I’ve special plans. I wonder if I could do it. hmmmmmm.
All depends on my NYC trip…someone needs to confirm or disconfirm the trip!
Ghengis has two more playdates! Saturday and Sunday. Crazy dog lady on the loose.
Also, I forgot to call my dad back. Sorry dad, it’s been one of those days.
Ghengis and Maddie went to the library today. David’s trying to culture them or something. They need it.
Yeah, I got nothing here. I was going to make cookies and did not. I mostly just talked to friends tonight.
and changed email apps
and installed a flash blocker.