it’s been a week

I’ve spent the week glued to the internet news site and the streaming local news from New Orleans (i don’t have tv so i’m stuck with the interweb). Initial reports had us believing that David’s parents had lost everything. As more information comes in from actual eyewitnesses we are able to hold out more hope for their home.
Obviously their safety is more important than their belongings, but still, now that we know they are safe we can focus on the home.
There is much i want to say about the conditions in New Orleans, about the looters, the rescue operations, the response of the federal government to this.
I won’t. What’s the point? Instead I choose to focus my energy on what I can do and what I can help with. If anyone lives near enough to the affected areas, please consider donating items for children and babies. They need formula and diapers and clothes and beds. Donate money if you can, but keep in mind there is no where there where they can actually purchase these supplies. All the money in the world can’t make the supplies appear. I am in Minnesota and at this point they are unable to transport these things down there, but when they are able to I will donate these things.
David’s friend Marshall might be headed up this way. he got out ahead of the storm and now needs a place to stay. He has two dogs. I predict lots of dog related fun!
Who wants to go to the state fair with me? I need the diversion. I need a pronto pup! I need mini-doughnuts and cheese curds and ferris wheels!
I will do what I can to get party photos up. Obviously we have been distracted. It’s hard to look at the photos and see how much fun I was having just hours before all hell broke loose.
I was reminded once again that I was not to use the corporate card on cheap liquor and loose women. Apparently the corporate card is a privilege and not a free ride to sweet oblivion.