Wide Ruled

I am officially over-stimulated. Way more stimulated than I can handle.
I took my massive shopping lists and headed out of work early (my boss rules). I picked up my sister (and got to see the new little hedgehog) and headed to lunch (mmm chinese buffet. 2005 is totally the year of the chinese buffet. I need to shoot myself now). After lunch it was Costco. Talk about overwhelming. It’s a lot like Sam’s Club only bigger and cleaner and it had better lighting. I thought Costco would be the perfect solution to throwing a huge party, but it’s not. I mean it kind of is, I got huge amounts of asparagus, green beans and avocados for cheap, but for the most part I would see things I needed, artichoke hearts, for example, and even though I needed them for the cheese platter, i did not need a gallon of artichoke hearts.
I managed to get quite a few things, but towards the end I was wandering around, mumbling to myself and my hands were doing the weird ‘one-hand-clapping’ thing that do when i get all overwhelmed. April was a shining star, though. Seriously, if you need someone to take control of a situation, to manage every detail, you call my sister. She. Gets. Shit. Done.
Back to her place, we split a beer (it was 2:30 in the afternoon), we split a cigarette (I was out) and we chatted a bit. I told her how I glued my eye shut the other night!
After I got home and put stuff away and read the instructions for upgrading to Tiger (it was delivered today) I sat down to rewrite my grocery list for a regular grocery store. Sit down. Rewrite list.
What list?
Where’s the list? where’s my notebook? Where is the notebook that I had with the menu, the food lists, the cryptic shorthand telling me all kinds of information about each thing I have to buy (4 checks next to scallions means 3 bunches, but 2 checks next to mascarpone means buy 2. An X means it’s on the other list as well, a circle means it’s on the specialty store list, a circle with a line through it means…aw fuckit). Where’s my notebook? Not in with the groceries I just brought in, not on the sofa, not in the car, not in the trunk, not under the sink, not in the back yard.
Oh fuck me pretty!
Yeah, lost the notebook. The single (SINGLE) most important thing in planning this party gets lost somewhere in a Costco parking lot. What the hell is wrong with me? I have 43 rsvp’s! 43 people said “I would like to come to your home and eat your food and chat amiably with you and your friends. I hope the food is good because I’ve got no other reason to be there” and I lost my menu. I’m throwing some fucking cheetohs and onion dip on the table on saturday!
The menu is gone, the lists are gone.
Yeah, okay, so I recreated the menu, recreated the lists, made a new shopping list. Calmed down. David is amazingly calming.
David went to the grocery store with me, which I appreciated as I know he doesn’t really care to go to the grocery store with me and would rather go alone or not at all. Thing is, David’s a lot of fun at the grocery store once you get used to his method. he spends a lot of time inspecting certain things and I used to get impatient. Now I know to leave the cart with him and wander off to get this or that. You never want to take the cart and leave him alone, leaving the cart with him makes you go back to the cart and inevitably he has something cool to show you.
Today’s coolness was the Jelly Belly bulk display. Every flavor was seperated (they also had a bin with the mixed ones) and we took a bag and went flavor by flavor and added 2 or 3 or 4. We didn’t want to get a giant bag, just a little bit to share. It was fun. I wandered off again and he picked up little bits of this or that bulk candy. Good fun.
I got overstimulated at the grocery store too. It was really strange in there. I hate when I don’t know the layout of a store and nothing is where it belongs.
Home, groceries away, the dogs are being asses, dinner was greasy and unsatisfying. I’m tired.
BUT shopping was a success, i got the things I needed, David was helpful. Things are going to be fine.