So Spoiled

I’m sospoiled with my mac. there’s so much plug and play going on here that I have pretty much forgotten how to configure things. I don’t really know how to configure a wireless card on a pc. Sad. Spoiled. Wish I could be of more help to the boy.
Ghengis is a year and a half now, and still I love watching him sleep. So peaceful and calm. Unlike earlier this evening when the two of them worked together to destroy a newspaper by the front door. Thanks, guys, you could have atleast shredded it small enough so the vacuum could get it. Sweet angels sleeping, giant monsters when awake!
So, in a fruitful turn of events…
I’d been researching digital cameras lately. I like mine but it’s pretty old and has plaster dust inside the lens and I miss/like the Canon I used to have. I did some reseach, found a nice, no-frills Canon in my price range with the features that I want. It’s not top end, it’s not low end, it’s a quiet and affordable upgrade from what I have now. I found the best price online (which would have made me buy the camera with a color sheen on it instead of standard brushed silver – ouch – silver was more expensive) and was going to order it. David had to run to CompUsa to buy a wireless card for his PC and I tagged along as the promise of mexican food was hanging in the air. I’m easily bored and I wandered off. I found my camera, but the price tag kept talking about the printer. I was confused. I looked and read and tried to interpret what was going on. The price was the same as the color models only this was in silver, so I was prepared to buy I just needed to figure out this weirdness on the tag.
The weirdness is that this is a close out, they’re getting rid of the camera AND the printer and all for the price that I was willing to pay for the camera! Go me. Only problem is that I have to take the demo which means no boxes and all the documentation about the stuff is in a fed ex envelope and the memory card is missing so I have to go back tomorrow, but I’m okay with that.
So now I need to figure out a way to set up my printer so I only have to plug it in when I need it. I don’t want to be attached to a printer all the time.
The cool thing is, I was just lamenting that Inever print up my digital pictures and I would love to just fill frames and put them all over the house. I could have a wall of dogs! I could have a ledge of vacation shots! I could have a special butt potato area.
The possibilities, like my posts, are endless.
In other (party related news) I have been given a list of desserts and tasked with the impossible job of paring it down. it’s hurting me.
I also might wait to fill the fish tank until after the party just to give myself the extra room in the living room.
I don’t think I can go camping until after the party, i just don’t have the time! Oh well, party first then camping.
Tonight for dinner I had the most delectable chicken mol� enchiladas! I love love love mol� sauce and this place had the darkest, richest, tastiest mol� i’ve had in a long time (word of warning, avoid Pepito’s mol�, it’s bad). While eating my dinner I got to watch the Latin American version of MTV (though not MTV proper, which I think has some sort of Latino version). The first hour had the perfect blend of boy band knock offs, Beyonce knock offs and Cypress Hill knock offs. The second hour was “MUY CHIDO!”. I don’t know what Chido is, but I’m pretty sure it involves 5 guys in cowboy hats and an accordian. I think the ‘MUY’ refers to their waistlines, but I could be wrong about that.
Jesus, I have so much to do! Anyonewannaclean my house for $12 cash and a black cherry yogurt?
Todo con medido!


So much going on this week including (but not limited to) the secret hidden River Gorge ice cream social. You have to find it and when you do you get an ice cream treat! Pictures!
Why do i promise pictures? I don’t know! I never get around to posting them. I never posted my key west photos, I probably never will. I suck. Camping ones have to go up. House warming party pictures are already intimidating me.
I need a band of oompah loompahs to do my picture work.
Remember the show “My Two Dads”? What a fucked up premise that was. ‘Sorry kid, your dead mom is a slut, we don’t know which guy is your dad and even though we live in one of the most medically advanced countires in the world we won’t actually find out.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t gay before I watched that show.
Before I went camping my mom gave me a compass that you pin on your shirt. I wore it religiously and pointed people to north as often as possible (seriously, I only have 3 talents and none of them are useful in the woods…oh wait, I can email from the woods!). I pinned the compass to my purse as we were driving home. It’s still there. I’m still pointing people north.
A promo for the next ‘Fresh Air’ on NPR just played. It was about a guy who joined the army to pay for college and right before he was discharged he was sent to Iraq to fight a war he didn’t believe in and now he’s upset. I’m sorry, I don’t care for this war, but seriously, getting to pick and choose what you believe in before you fight is sort of antithetical to the whole ‘army’ thing. If the army wanted you to have an opinion about what wars you might believe in they would have issued it to you when you joined. You cavalierly joined the army thinking you’d get an easy peacetime ride to the front steps of your college education. You figured ‘meh, we’re not at war and besides, wars are easy in this neat new modern era.’ Don’t get pissed off that you were wrong. If you join the army you have to assume you will be called to fight in a war as that is the essense of the army. You can not get a job at Exxon and then be all offended that they’re raping the winderness or something.
If you don’t want to fight in a war, don’t actively pursue a job where they teach you to fight in a war.
My car payments get sent to a credit union with the longest name on the planet on a road with the longest name on the planet. They sent me mailing labels but I forgot to bring one to work.
I’m off to the farmer’s market and national night out (we’re taking back the streets from gentrification!) and doing some laundry and maybe buying jeans. phew.