Tough guy

So I had big plans for tonight, cleaning and whatnot, but a certain kidney decided to play havoc on me this weekend. I’m tired, so very tired. Shopping and cleanign will have to take place tomorrow. It’s 10:30 and all I want to do is sleep. I don’t go to bed this early! I feel like an old person.
Also, if my dog just vomited behind the sofa on the newly shampooed rugs I will kill her and I will sell her carcass to the first person who promises to eat her.
The other dog, the little guy, is curled up next to me passed out. Lately he’s become rather insistent that I participate in a little Ghengis time every day. So I make sure to clear some room on my lap and get him up there and tell him how wonderful he is and how happy I am to have him around. He seems to enjoy it and I do too.
Ghengis smiles, I’m positive.
This evening I had a freak out about the party. A minor one. David said the exact right things again. You have no idea how happy I am to have him around, too! He says the right things, he tells me that not everything will be fine, but most things will.
And he hugs me while I sleep.
I made my shopping list. It’s huge. HUGE. It’s also an involved process. First you make the menu. Then you take each menu item and break it down into all of the food you need to make it with ball park type quantities. Then you take that list and you make third list where you copy down only the things you need to buy from the store (I already have vanilla! no need to buy that). After that you make your 4th list which is where you organize everything into actual grocery store sections to make shopping easier. The 5th list is anything that needs to be bought at a specialty shop or liquor store or cheese counter where flavored cheese spread is NOT that high water mark.
So I didn’t succeed in doing everything I needed to do tonight but I am okay with that. I need to be healthy by this weekend or the party won’t happen and that would be a travesty of the highest order.
This chochobo is going to bed!