patron gratuit

Saturday was David’s birthday, all grown up and 31 (this means that for the next couple months we’re the same age and I don’t have to feel like Mrs. Robinson or something…but then I kinda like that). I put together a little party for him, a few friends and his sisters over at his friend, John’s house. John’s an EXCELLENT Chinese cook and we sometimes join forces in the kitchen. This time he made this truly excellent lamb curry, just phenomenally good. I only helped prep stuff, I didn’t even do any real work for dinner.
I did, however, work on making the dessert. I mentioned earlier that I was making the Black Pearl Cake. HOORAY! I was really happy with the results. Instead of one large cake I made the batter up in a jelly roll pan and then cut out circles and constructed individual mini cakes. That was huge amounts of work, but definitely worth it. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture until the end of the evening when the remaining cakes were starting to look a little sad. I read all the reviews of the cake and it was pretty consistently mentioned that you could not taste the wasabi. I tripled the wasabi and occasionally you could catch a hint of it, but it was not a featured flavor at all. I own some killer strong, bring tears to your eyes wasabi and I was surprised that it was not tasted.
The rest of the weekend was a chillin’ like a villain style blur. We didn’t get home from the birthday fun until after 4am and then had to roust ourselves out of bed early to deal with realtor stuff.
I’ve gotten all yarny again! I finished crocheting a baby blanket and knitting a purse this weekend and I started knitting a new purse. I found an ultra simple new purse pattern to knit and I think it just might be my new “easy way to get rid of extra yarn AND have presents for people” project.
The dog’s making chicken butt and the boy’s playing Bach on his guitar. Nice. Almost overly domestic.
On Friday I got the rare opportunity to talk to someone and say “I KNOW! That happened to me too!” and, more importantly, to hear “This is what happened same as you!”. It’s hard to find someone who’s been through something similar and compare notes. Oh…and what notes we compared, amazing how similar our accounts were. In the end we were able to laugh and give support.
Time to get my new purse out of the wash machine!
Later, peepshow!