Posty McNuggets

I need to just get one of those sites where you post pithy nuggets as you go through the day because I never have big posts anymore, just lots of little things that I try to accumulate and post all at once. I forget about 78% of them.
I forget about 78% of everything including the reasons why I ever liked you in the first place*.
So let’s see, what’s up in funkytown, population: me…
Finally got my hair cut. It was getting bad. Owen and I just could not coordinate schedules and we were hugely busy with our own stuff. I’m totally rocking the blonde tips and trailer trash roots. It’s funny how this morning my roots were cringeworthy and this evening they’re an intentional fashion statement. I’ve been doing the ultra-butter blonde for some time now, might be ready for a change. The problem is that when I do blonde I can add whatever fun color I want on top of it. You can’t really put blue or pink tips on brunette hair. Much to consider.
With the help of a friend I changed the brakes on my car once. It was an all day endeavor. David came over this afternoon and changed his brakes in like an hour. Crazy. I love how some things can be massive undertakings or just a quick task depending on how you approach them. Granted, when i changed my brakes it was a learning experience and we also changed out the rotors and brake fluid.
Trying again to quit smoking. I’m down to one a day and up to about 15 clementines a day. The problem is that I really really like smoking. We’ll see how this goes. I’d like to be positive, but also i’d like to punch somebody in the face.
Why is it that when people think of or write about revenge they are reminded of me? Rarely do I wage revenge, it’s a dirty business, but when I do I’m quiet and subtle about it. I prefer schadenfreude to straight up revenge, but you knew that about me.
Went and saw Hotel Rwanda last night. I don’t think I spent so much time crying at a movie in such a long time. I went home feeling like I had been beat up. There’s a lot I want to say about this movie, but I’ll just tell you to go see it. Go see it now. Then come home and ponder what the fuck the academy was thinking when they handed the award to Jamie Foxx.
Dear April, scratch…scratch…scritch…scrape.
I need a vacation. Desperately.
My dog has a crush on a footrest.
Note to boys…
PMS = PRE menstrual syndrome. Pre = BEFORE. If I have PMS as characterized by the urge to consume the flesh off your body I am not, at that moment, experiencing ‘that time of the month’. That will happen 8-10 days later. So, later, when I say “my feet are bloated and I have cramps and I want to cry.” the proper response is not, “I thought you had your period last week”.
But neither is “hey, at least you don’t…”
Hey shorty, I know you wanna party
the way your body look really make me feel nauuughty
I almost said the absolute wrong thing tonight. It was a total joke but the brain filters are working hard because they caught the joke and determined that it fell way too far into the “it’s funny because it’s true” zone. Thank you, brain filters.
I finally managed to pickk out David’s birthday present. I think it’s a good thing. We’ll see what he says next friday.
I’m off. later peepmobiles.
* standard disclaimer: no…that was NOT about anyone specific so stop asking. Besides, I’d never forget why I didn’t like them.