So Long Soldier

Last cigarette in the pack, might actually be quitting. It’s been coming around for a while, I’ve been smoking less and less over the past few weeks and I figure we’ll see what happens if I don’t have them.
Also, I’m under stern orders from the doctor, but it’s not like i ever really listen to them anyway.
To add to the lunacy I realized I haven’t had any espresso since Friday. Weird. So I might be off smokes and hardcore caffeine at the same time this week. Problem with this is I think everyone needs a bad habit, nicotine, caffiene, heroin, poor eating habits, poor eating habits disguised as healthy eating habits, tequila, whores, the ponies, peanut butter, whatever. When you eliminate your bad habit you just create a vacuum (a really powerful Dyson vacuum maybe) that sucks another bad habit into place.
So, if I stop posting then I probably found a smack habit.
And to be clear, I’m not promising to quit smoking, I’m not even sure I want to. I just want to see how long I go without cigarettes. If I stop smoking, keen. If not, well someone told me it looked cool once and I need all the help I can get in the cool arena.
yeah, so that lasted about 36 hours. Ah well, cigarettes are cheaper than heroin and less time consuming than cheap liquor and loose women.