Bad Habit

The ‘this and this and completely unrelated that’ is becoming a bad habit of mine. Sorry.
Quote of the …day/week…whatever
“In the college of sex, foreplay is NOT an elective”
The QOTD ties into a conversation I was having with a friend about sex. Or more specifically, I want to write a sex column. Not a sex advice column, though I’d be pretty damned good at that, just a regular pithy bit about sex. When I tell people this they bring up Sex in the City, but I’ve only ever seen 2 episodes of that (in one they had to rent a car to go to a baby shower. Being from the midwest where you MUST own a car or die I was only bemused). The real problem is that there’s no real way to do it without offending your friends, exes, currents, parents, priests, cashiers, neighbors, bosses, dentists, delivery men, sisters, produce handlers, princes, genies, candlemakers, accountants and astronauts. Sigh.
Relatedly, has anyone seen those charts where they compare your sexual adventurousness to different kinds of ice cream starting with vanilla for the boring, missionary crowd going up to rocky road for those that leave you wide eyed and speechless. If you have, let me know.
The dog has a new game, when I sit on the couch leaning way forward, he likes to drop small toys down the back of my pants and then go after them.
Your gift hit UPS today and should be speeding it’s way to you. HOORAY!
I’m obsessively watching Babylon 5 which I borrowed from Alan who needs to update more often. Seriously, what’s the point of me haranguing you to get a damned website if you aren’t gonna update.
Have you ever considered how many old men you know who actually ARE grandpa Simpson? Off the top of my head, I can name 2 that I know.
Yeah, okay so hooray or something, that’s what’s going on.