So Much To DO!

Went in to panic mode tonight realizing that I didnt have my dress for the wedding yet. Blick. Messaged Owen and told him to call me after work. Perfect plan, completely perfect. We got drinks and dinner from the SMARMIEST waiter. I had the veal (mmm baby veal, kept in little boxes, so wrong and yet…) and as dinner was served the the drinks were flowing we got to play bitchfest ’04!
We bitched about the food (which was actually very good, just fraught with end-of-the-night kitchen issues), hair, clothes, people with zero self respect, money, dating, sushi, dicks, moving, the future, and traffic. Not necessarily in that order.
To balance it out we promised to take a trip together, he assured me he would help me buy a dress for the wedding and match my hair to it, laughed at how goofy the world is and marvelled at the sheer coincidence of our friendship (the hairdresser I had an appointment with was sick, so they switch me around and set me up with him. sigh, happy).
We drank too much, ate too much, smoked too much. I needed it.
Came home and went on a treasure hunt to gather up the little bits, cards, photos, and mementos that will be packaged up and sent out east before the move. I figure it’s the best way to keep the things that are important to my heart safe in case the moving truck falls in a river. Of course the UPS truck could be consumed by aliens, but hey, contributing photos of my dad and paris snow domes to the alien research cause is the least I can do.
I’m up too late, La Reina was actually around and I wanted to talk to her cool ass before I went to bed. Must sleep, big day ahead of me. Fingers crossed.