I knew it had to happen, eventually. Things were just going so damned well for so damned long that it was bound to take a nosedive.
Work, personal, love, moving, medical. All of it found a way to poke me in the ribs. Granted, none of it is devastating, just weighing down on me. I probably have PMS on top of it all, which would explain the fits of rage and the urge to consume people’s souls from the inside.
This morning I woke up convinved it was Thursday, when I got to work and discovered the truth I wanted to cry. Actually, I did cry.
I need a break. Just a little one. It’s coming up, I’ve got Austin to look forward to! 16 more days and I jump on a plane and go away for a weekend.
Tonight I offered to drag the guy at the carry-out counter out back and kick is ass. He seemed up for it, he’d been having a bad day and wanted to work off some steam. Random Girl Fight Club, I’m starting it, you’re getting your ass kicked. You won’t talk about it.
Now, if you are a kind and generous soul who thinks I need to be cheered up, you can send me flowers. No, let me rephrase that, you SHOULD send me flowers, I deserve it.
Send them to my office. You will learn the joy of being my hero.
Okay, I’m gonna watch Alien now. It’s comforting to watch people having a worse time than yourself.