Halfway through

Halfway done with this holiday weekend and nothing interesting to report. I need to start participating in more interesting activities, or more specifically, activities on the ‘Interesting Scale’ that fall between the boring bits I can post here and the definitely not so boring bits that common decency prevents me from mentioning.
April moved out this weekend. I’m pretty sad about it. It was really nice to have her around. On the other hand I’ll probably cut back on my smoking (i say this knowing I have 2 cartons of cigarettes making their way over here from Sweden. Aaah the Swedes, their cigarettes are so very very cheap you can’t afford not to smoke).
An acquaintance I had not heard from in months called me up last night to say hi and tell me he missed me. Nice. It was good to hear from him, though he was terribly shy. Now I have another person on my list to see before I move.
No new pictures of Ghengis. I should get some soon. We’ve worked our way through the training basics, now we’re on to ‘no jumping’ and ‘no barking’. He’s curled up next to me, snoring, upset that I wouldn’t go back to bed with him. What kind of puppy wants to sleep late? My kind of puppy.
I have an obsession with LJGrabbers. It pulls the last 30 images posted to Livejournal. You can just sit there and reload and watch the images fly. It’s a good thing no one takes Livejournal as a cross section of society. If they did, they’d come away thinking that 90% of american society is populated by adolescent emo-goth kids who cut themselves, “are utterly alone” and wear too much make up. My advice to them (and most people I know, myself included somedays) is ‘get over yourself’.
Today, I’m off to a Twins game with Alan. He’s really good about taking me to games and then sitting there, answering all of my probably retarded questions. “How come at some games they wear one color but at other games they wear another?” “why is that an error? it looked perfectly fine to me.” “Do you want a beer? I do!”. I repay his kindness with ballpark beer and a multitude of snacks. When I get settled in after I move I’ll take him to a game at Camden Yards.
That’s about it. I need to shower and walk the dog before I go to the game. Hopefully, I can get to IKEA tonight, they’re having a bedroom sale. Woo.
ps if anyone’s doing anything interesting for labor day, give me an invite! all my plans got cancelled.


I knew it had to happen, eventually. Things were just going so damned well for so damned long that it was bound to take a nosedive.
Work, personal, love, moving, medical. All of it found a way to poke me in the ribs. Granted, none of it is devastating, just weighing down on me. I probably have PMS on top of it all, which would explain the fits of rage and the urge to consume people’s souls from the inside.
This morning I woke up convinved it was Thursday, when I got to work and discovered the truth I wanted to cry. Actually, I did cry.
I need a break. Just a little one. It’s coming up, I’ve got Austin to look forward to! 16 more days and I jump on a plane and go away for a weekend.
Tonight I offered to drag the guy at the carry-out counter out back and kick is ass. He seemed up for it, he’d been having a bad day and wanted to work off some steam. Random Girl Fight Club, I’m starting it, you’re getting your ass kicked. You won’t talk about it.
Now, if you are a kind and generous soul who thinks I need to be cheered up, you can send me flowers. No, let me rephrase that, you SHOULD send me flowers, I deserve it.
Send them to my office. You will learn the joy of being my hero.
Okay, I’m gonna watch Alien now. It’s comforting to watch people having a worse time than yourself.