Occasionally I get into debates with people about Macs vs. PC. Not heated debates, mind you, just debates on relative merits and costs and ease of use. I tend to fall on the Mac side of the debate, but I can and have used both. I use an iMac at work (art college, go figure) and I own an iBook. Jen’s job requires her to be proficient in PC and that is what she uses. We have both at home.
I have refreshed my love for the Mac last week. I got a new digital camera and found it also records movies with sound. What a bonus. I took a few short clips of the cats doing stupid cat things and loaded them up on the computer. In an hour I had completed the iMovie tutorial and after that I had a short movie complete with transitions, titles, and credits ready to go in 40 minutes.
i love Apple because in less than two hours I was able to create something and I did it with relative ease. Also, iMovie was free. Hooray.