More joy

I can post this while sitting in my car in my driveway. Right now, sitting in my car, listening to Radiohead (The Bends) and posting on my website.
I know you are thinking there is a story behind this. There is. It isn’t interesting.
I am so easily amused.

Joy, Sweet Joy

Couple months ago I realized I had forgotten to renew my subscription to Scientific American. Over the years I have let all my subscriptions lapse, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Martha Stewart, Highlights, but good old SciAm is like a sweet lover who comes to me monthly and leaves me filled with dirty thoughts on evolution and space travel.
So yeah, I let it lapse. I didn’t mean to. Just slipped my mind. I renewed as soon as I could, but happened to miss two months.
Today I came home to find those two issues waiting for me in my mailbox. I did not request these two issues, they just showed up.
SciAm is a reticent, quiet lover, but he’s thoughtful and when it comes down to it, that’s exactly what we need.

Jean Luc!!!

Oh man, I am sitting here at the coffee shop right now (how mobile am I tonight? Too mobile!) and I am surrounded by these super squeaky clean college girls simultaneously having General Foods International Coffee moments!
I keep expected one of them to ask for another Suisse Mocha or some dumb shit like that.
Also, there is a guy in scrubs (fake) reading a paperback novel and grinning this weird drooly grin.
And Crazy Mary seems to have fewer teeth than before.
On the other hand, the guy with the ultra-slim laptop is kind of cute.