A few (not so) interesting things about me

I’ve never lived alone
Seriously. Jen and I moved in together in college, moving out of our respective parent’s homes. I don’t think about it much, but then I realize that almost all of my friends currently live alone and when they are in their homes there is no one in there with them. Weird. Also, in the 9 1/2 years that we have lived together, I have only gone to bed alone twice. Once was 9 years ago when Jen had to go to a family function in Milwaukee and I was too stressed out about other stuff to guarantee that I wouldn’t be an asshole to everyone else. The second time is this weekend and the situation is almost identical (except she’s in Michigan). Being alone in the house now is less scary than being alone in my crappy apartment in that crappy neighborhood where the guy who lived downstairs had broken into my neighbor’s apartment. I’m more comfortable with being alone and in fact I am having a relaxing time reading voraciously, cleaning occasionally and using up all the hot water. I don’t regret not living alone, though. It’s very quiet here and I only have the cats to talk to. Also, if i were to find myself living alone now, the implications would be that i was not living with Jen for some terrible reason.
I have a form of color-blindness
It’s not your run-of-the-mill ‘can’t tell green from red’ or even ‘everything is grey’. It’s a little more complicated, but far less intrusive. If you put something pink in front of me I can tell it is pink. Same with orange, coral, salmon, or any other color in the range. Put two things in front of me, one orange and one pink and I can not for the life of me tell which is which. I can clearly see that they are two different colors, but i could not label either one. I don’t think about it much as it almost never comes up, but once I was shopping and I had picked out a sheer coral shirt and went over to the rack with the matching tank tops and realized that there were also pink ones in there to go with the pink sheer tops on the other side. I stood there for a long time and finally had to have Jen pick one out for me.
I buy my shoes in the kid’s section
Feet so small (depending on the style, 2 1/2 to 4 in kids) I can purchase my shoes in the kids section. Kids shoes are cheaper and kids shoe clearance is like the mother-lode of cheap shoes. This is important considering how often I like to buy shoes and how hard I am on shoes. I love shoes, but more importantly, I love to abuse shoes. When I buy my shoes in the adult section I get a 5 or 5 1/2. The nice thing about this is that no one buys shoes in this size and the racks are always full.
Okay, not so interesting, but I was alone all weekend and had nothing to do but read and read and read. Also, I had a lot of time to consider the various offers of love and lust that seem to come directly to me from hot and bothered college girls. hmmm, direct marketing at its finest.