Yeah! I’m all ‘fit’

So we joined the Y a few weeks ago and when I tell people it’s all “oooh gonna lose weight, huh?” and “oooh weight, slim, weight weight blah blah blah”
It’s kinda weird having to explain to people that I’m not joining the gym and working out to lose weight. Losing weight might be a side effect but I’m not going to focus on it or set any sort of goal in that direction. All I want to do is work up a little muscle and some stamina for the summer. I want to go camping in the BWCA again but I want to go farther in and farther away from civilization and that means more canoing and more portaging. That’s it, that’s the goal, to be able to hike more.
I don’t care about being fat. Hell, I’m too fucking old to be worried what other people think. I am comfortable here. Years ago I lost a lot of weight and this is where I ended up and this is good.
As such, I spilled ice cream on my gym shirt and I’m wondering if it’s bad to go to the gym like that!
Also, I can walk a mile on the track in 10-11 minutes which is pretty good for a shorty like me.
I do need different sneakers for the gym. The trail runners are good for outside stuff but the features that make them stable and help prevent me from falling down also irritate my toes when I walk fast.

2 thoughts on “Yeah! I’m all ‘fit’

  1. I know just what you mean. I, too, joined a gym a while ago and could not convince anyone that my goal was better health & fitness, not weight loss. Really annoying.
    Good for you!

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