It’s all fun and games until I lose my eye

Yeah, I was all grumpy and then there were the spots in my left eye….

*****long story long story long story*****

I have the textbook symptoms for Posterior Vitreous Detachment. I went to the emergency room, mostly it was okay but the doctor was crabby and exhausted and really didn’t want to take me seriously (yeah, you’ll fucking take it seriously when my eyeball explodes!). But he got me an emergency referral to an ophthalmologist for Tuesday so at least I’ll get to see someone who has actually heard the term Posterior Vitreous Detachment!
But this is the awesomeness (yay! my eyeball!). I was all grumpy and I was on Ravelry complaining about this damned stupid cold that I thought had gone away and then came back and it was making me feel exhausted and tired and full of phlegm and on top of everything else I have these two spots in the vision of my left eye that won’t go away and are right in the middle of what I see! And Ravelry being the awesomeness that it is, someone noticed this and she is a doctor and she pointed out that this wasn’t just some irritation with getting older but an actual problem that needed to be dealt with!
I would have never known and I would be on here all grumblepots and in three days my eye would explode or something.
I imagine that the process of my retina detaching is very much like like my eyeball exploding or my eyeball just popping out of my head.
You know what isn’t awesome? Forms of treatment for this.