beep beep

Got sick. Totally got my ass kicked by this cold. I spent the weekend resting and taking cold pills and letting David take care of me. He even brought me popsicles.
When I am sick I completely judge a person based on whether or not you will bring popsicles to me. If you do not want to bring popsicles to me when I am sick, then it is obvious you are a jerk. Sometimes flu logic is the awesomest logic.
For the record, only one person ever refused to bring popsicles to me.
Also, when I am sick I take it VERY PERSONALLY when I go to the Original Pancake House and find that they have decided to CLOSE EARLY because it is Mother’s Day!!! Mother’s day! The day they are probably the busiest!! All the Edina kids bring their moms to the OPH on mother’s day! Why did they close early?? Oh, right, because they are a nice place and they wanted their employees to spend time with their own mothers. Fine.
We went to IHOP instead. It was okay but I was really craving me some OPH!
Then I did some other things and took more cold pills and something else happened and I wrote another advice column.
and now I am trying to decide….popsicle…bed….popsicle….bed