Hi, i am alive

Update: Relatively certain I can avoid surgery on my eye. I do have a posterior vitreous detachment, but it’s minor and has not caused any damage to my retina. On the other hand my vision is a tad blurred and I can’t make the fixed point dots leave. The bright side? My eye has a bunch of floaters so it’s kind of like my own personal snow globe in my head. The bad side of that? I look a little insane when people catch me tipping my head around with one I open staring at a blank piece of white paper.
Jerk Dogs: I was in the shower yesterday and the dogs started barking like the insane little assholes they are. They know I’m in the shower and that I am not inclined to get out of the shower and run around dripping wet, naked and screaming unless there is a centipede or humping involved.
Maybe Not Jerks?: While I was in the shower yesterday a package was being delivered and its delivery set the dogs to barking. I never get packages delivered before work! It was yarn! Awesomer! I bought yarn for an Irish cabled sweater, a Doris Chan sweater and some experimental yarn for a shawl that I am being a pattern tester on!
Weird: As I walked to my car I found two perfectly formed sparrow’s wings in the yard. Seems a cat caught a bird and was too full for the wings.
Lovely: Someone brought me the world’s most beautiful cupcake! The hard part was getting it home without ruining the icing so that I could share it with David. Even better? It was red velvet.
Arrested Development: I borrowed the first two seasons from Roxy. It’s funny but I can see how it would be better if watched one episode a week. All of them at once gets a little…repetitive. A lot of the same set ups and jokes and all that. Good writing though, very funny moments.
BBQ: Had a little memorial day shindig. Fired up the grill for the first time in…almost two years? Damn. Did brats both meaty and Boca, a grilled veggie salad, grilled corn, minnesota cole slaw and Jarritos floats for dessert. It was a good reminder to keep my shit together.
Yeah, it’s cool…: Just been kind of distracted lately