shhhh don’t tell David

Last night I was winding a couple of skeins into balls when i got to thinking. They two skeins came from my mom’s friend, Susie, including the very beautiful ‘Irises’ colorway. All of the yarn I’ve gotten from her has been sock weight which is awesome, but I don’t really make socks and there I was….thinking
If I started spinning my own yarn, I could not only get the colors I want, but also the weight I want. So I started researching, and looking up classes and wondering if I would save money by spinning my own yarn. And if i did not save any money, would it be worth it to get exactly what I wanted? It might be.
I started imagining the felted purses I could create. Not only would they be my own designs and patterns, but also my very own wool! Awesome? yeah! Then all the wealthy wieners that live by my auntie sue could buy my purses for a stupidly expensive amount of money and stop trying to take the purse I made for her. We would all be winners!
Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. First I need to learn. Actually, first David and i need to buy a house so i have the room to take on a new project like this! So, don’t tell David because I think the last thing he needs is for me to yet another hobby that costs money!