Today’s rocking hot cheap steal purchase?
A 21 quart “Maid of Honor” brand pressure canner for $15! Oh hell yeah. It just needs a new rubber gasket ring and we’re good to go. I am so all over the farmers market! I can pressure can things now. Fuck you, botulism! I can now bring food to 15 pounds pressure and process for 30 minutes! I will kill you, botulism! I will kill you in my super cheap pressure canner.
I wish to thank the good people at Steeple People Thrift Stores for not knowing the actual value of what they were selling and many thanks to Matt who saw, recognized it for what it was and called to tell me it was there. Thanks, guys! Saving almost $100 on a pressure canner is super keen!
The added benefit is that it looks like a kitschy 50’s robot thing. Very cool. I think the guy behind the counter thought I was buying it for it’s kitsch value. I did not want to take the time to explain that I’m not so big on kitsch and then find myself yelling about kitsch and camp and how angry it all makes me because when I get to that point I suddenly find a needle in my arm and people wheeling me away. I did point out that I was planning on actually canning things. I’m gonna ‘put up’ for winter!
ps if anyone else would like to join Anna and I on our SUPER CHICKEN TREK TO NORTH DAKOTA let me know. You have to bring your own chicken costume.

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