hooray for the dogpark

Let’s hear it, my peeps! Let us all raise our hands in the air falsely signifying that we do not care!!
We could not ask for better dog park weather, not at all. God bless the Minnesota sspringtime (when it does actually happen). Chester is getting better and better at the park. He’s getting socialized and learning to trust other dogs. He’s even engaging some in play. Interestingly, he always picks out dachshunds from a distance and goes after them. He really loves dachshunds. Also, he cannot stand pugs. Don’t know what the deal is with that.
Tonight we managed to find a couple clusters of people with smaller dogs and Chester hung tight to me for a while then slowly ventured off for farther and farther expeditions. I was very proud of him. Proud until he forgor who his owner was and decided to take off with another lady. We’ll have to work on that. He comes when called so I’m not so worried about losing him, I am just a little concerned that it does not occur to him that this person doesn’t look like me or smell like me or pay attention to him the way I do.
Maybe it does occur to him and the little bastard has no loyalty. BASTARD!
oh hey…while we’re on the topic of dogs…
Let me just remind you to donate! Seriously, I can be really persistant about this! Kidding! Donate if you can and want to, it’s a good cause.

Paging Dr Freud….

So one of the cooler side effects of the Effexor is the crazy dreams…
The other night I dreamt I was on a football field with Emmitt Smith. Emmitt was getting ready for some big game, perhaps it was the super bowl, I’m not sure. there was glitter and fanfare and all manner of football related excitement. At one point, he and I were dancing on the field, he was trying to sing ‘Baby Got Back‘ to me, but he could not remember the lyrics. I tried to prompt him, but he just wasn’t getting it.
Who doesn’t know the lyrics???
Later, he ran a play, went out of bounds and the play ended; except he decided that it shouldn’t be done. He got back on the field and ran a touchdown. The touchdown was deemed illegal and not scored. Emmitt and the referee got into a fistfight that no one wanted to break up.
I had to walk on the field, and demand that they each stand up. I poked Emmitt in the chest and told him to shut up, I grabbed the ref and told him to make a call and stick to it, dammit.
Yeah, what the hell. I also dreamed that I was renting a house from the lady who bought my house a couple years ago and she was being a dick and I was being a dick and there was a lot of swearing and name calling, then I was on the ‘Lost’ island trying to teach those yo-hos how to build a palm hut.
and and and….
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