the beauty and the pain

Date night monday night. It was cute and fun. The Birchwood was doing half priced bottle of wine night (making the bottles of wine only double the cost!) so we cozied up, split a bottle of wine, a salad and the cheese plate.
Being the über-romantics that we are, we headed to the grocery store in all our tipsy glory to buy things like ham, cheetohs, ice cream, lettuce and cilantro. I also got me a bubble gum ball on the way out.
Back at home we put the groceries away and David went to take the dogs out. Before he left he handed me a bottle of wine off the rack and told me to see if I could get it open. Now, had I not already consumed half a bottle I would have said something responsible like “dude, it’s after 10 and I have to work in the morning”, but I didn’t.
Now, I am sitting at my desk in a haze. We got to sleep after 3am and it was fitful, wine fueled sleep. David is on spring break this week and does not have to work. He very very sweetly got up with me this morning, made my coffee, got my clothes ready and made sure I didn’t fall asleep in the tub. He even got me out the door on time. I can’t even get myself out the door on time when I’m not exhausted and sleepy. Luckily I don’t have a hangover or anything.
on a side note, i’m entirely too pissed off at food companies that decide to package their food in smaller and smaller packages. It’s rare to get a half gallon of ice cream anymore, now it is 1.75 quarts. A 5 pound bag of sugar has been downsized to 4 pounds and I even saw a “2 litre” bottle of soda at the store that looked suspiciously small, it was 1.5 litres. It’s not like they’re selling it for any cheaper. assholes.