the gift

My mother has a friend, Susie that dyes and spins yarn. If you go to her site you can see some of her beautiful handiwork. I particularly like the ‘irises’ and the ‘baby so blue’.
When I got home last night I found a package waiting for me. It was quite unexpected. It was from Susie, who I had met once last fall. Insid the envelope was was a beautiful skein of yarn, hand dyed in vivid candy shades of pink and blue. It’s a very lightweight super wash merino wool. She sent me 1100 yards. I have a skein of hand dyed super wash merino wool that measures 1100 yards! Go to your yarn store and see how many yards are in a typical skein of high quality yarn!
1100 yards of yarn would pass over a football field 11 times! 1100 yards would pass over me 660 times! 1100 yards would kick your mom’s ass and FEEL NO REMORSE!!!!
I immediately pulled out my pattern books to find something worthy of such yarn. I’m still looking though I do have some ideas brewing in my head. Most certainly, this yarn will not be made into gifts. I’m feeling greedy, I want to keep things for me!