stubborn little cuss

Every once in a while the more adult like people around me realize that maybe putting some boundaries on me would be a good idea. Last night David suggested that perhaps I should not have ice cream until AFTER I ate a nutricious and balanced dinner. He also pointed out that ice cream, in and of itself is not a nutricious balanced meal and that I could not substitute ice cream for dinner.
He thought that maybe a good rule would be “eat dinner first, have ice cream after”
I suggested that a better rule might be “heather can have ice cream”
He said that technically, that was not a rule. I said that technically, I did not care. I thought it was a perfectly cromulent rule.
We also had a debate about what constituted an appropriate serving size of ice cream. I felt that since there was nothing mentioned in the rule “heather can have ice cream” regarding the amount of ice cream that the framers of the rule felt it was my right to eat as much ice cream as I wanted. We might have to take this to the supreme court.
Unfortunately, I think that the Supreme Court in my house is populated by dogs. Dammit.
Today is my Friday! It’s like I’m writing to you from the future! Sometimes you just need a day off to buy shell fish for Easter Paella, eat at the Guyanese restaurant and generally swing your butt around.