I’m leaving town in a couple days and the dogs decide to pick NOW to get ear infections. What the hell? Right? SERIOUSLY!! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL.
Each dog has an ear infection, but each dog is infected with something different. Maddie has her typical yeast infection, she gets them regularly enough. Ghengis has a bacterial infection. Lucky Emily gets to clean their ears and put drops in twice a day!
Tell me again why I have dogs, because I’m forgetting.
OH!! Also!! I fixed the massive accounting problem that had been plaguing me this week!! YAY!! and holy shit that hurt my head. On the other hand I finally learned the difference between a budget transfer and a journal entry! So, yay me!

One thought on “infectious

  1. You keep saying you have dogs because they’re cheaper than children… but I’m not seeing it.
    El is even insured for free meds.

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