Massive Underpantal Failure

It was just one of those days. Construction between my house and the doctor’s office in St Paul. The ramp I park in was closed for upgrades. The new ramp was blocks away. The new ramp did not accept validation from the clinic. I had no cash on me. My car has no air conditioning. They took 47,000 pints of blood after 20 minutes of “blind phlebotomist looking for vein”.
I should have stayed in bed. Or better yet gone to work and whined.
On the other hand….
The yarn shop is buying my messenger bag pattern. I need to put the finishing touches on this one, post pics and get it to my coworker (who is paying me for it). Then, after I get back from new orleans I’ll make the messenger bag for the yarn shop and sell them the pattern. This time I am just licensing the pattern to them so I can sell it in other places as well.
They’re also doing a series of projects comparing knit to crochet results using the same pattern. I’ll be doing most of the crochet work of them. Nice.
Just about finished up Mary Alice’s scarf. Mary Alice is moving to Alaska this week and I am greatly saddened by this. She’s such a doll. I made her a chenille scarf in a basketweave pattern. Pictures posted of that soon as well.
I’e eaten nothing today. I think I deserve a burrito.