Auntie Sue

I adore my Aunt Sue. I really do.
My mom is the oldest of 6 siblings and her sister Sue is the youngest. There is a 17 year difference between them and a mere 4 year difference between Sue and I. As such, being so close in age I feel more like peers…more like friends.
But the reality is that my aunt Sue is light years ahead of me in the maturity department. 5 kids, a husband, college, working. All those grown up responsible things that I never managed to master completely. If I could work even 1/10 as hard as she does I might actually be able accomplish something with my life!
We talked this morning and it always cheers me to talk to her. She’s smart and funny, she has an incredible perspective on the world. An insight that i could do well to learn. When I say “It confuses me that this person would do this. It seems so out of character.” She counters with an insight I’d not previously considered. She gives me distance and clarity on the world and I appreciate that.
Sue and I used to party when we were college aged, she taught me how to make colorado bulldogs (jesus, how did I survive drinking those???) and I hoisted my kitchen experiments on her (which she ate without complaint). I’m sad she lives so far away now, my cooking has improved considerably and we don’t drink to excess anymore. We’d have great fun.
Anyway, not much else going on. Spending my weekend cleaning, doing laundry and eating to excess.

2 thoughts on “Auntie Sue

  1. thank you my dear, it has been a pleasure to have you as part of my family. some of the best times i have had as an adult have been with you – i can’t wait to come to visit again!

  2. you come visit me! you come visit me soon and I will fill you will all manner of food and pithy comments

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