When i was a young’un

Last week everyone said “It’s spring! SPRING!!! nothing bad can happen anymore!!!” and then I got to say, “no, no, we have one more blizzard. Trust me. That’s how minnesota works. One more blizzard in march during the high school boy’s basketball championship…”. It was a week early, but what are you gonna do?
What you’re going to do is pile 87 inches of snow off your car and make the sloooow bumpy ride to work. Sadly, no one was there who cared that I made it to work on time in these treacherous conditions. No one.
Okay, so…PICTURES. Let’s go.
David gets home every day around 3:30 and I get home around 5. The dogs go crazy when either of us gets home but when David gets home that signals to them that the time of waiting must begin. They get in their positions and wait and wait and…wait. For 90 minutes they sit there and wait for me. Cute, huh? Also a little crazy.
And we have pictures from David’s bowling birthday party. I discovered that when You take pictures when the cosmic bowling lights are on it makes everyone take on a freakish red glow. I tried to fix it…but you know, we still look like the deamon ghouls that we are. Bowling alley! We were at Memory Lanes (formerly Stardust Lanes), they remodelled and got expensive BUT they feature things like real food and non-surly staff. This is a bonus. David is teaching us something about bowling, I think. Here areThe Sisters (and brother in law), Mary Alice, Julie and Ryan. And here I am hugging Anna who is leaving my department because she somehow thinks glory can be found in a music box store at the mall of america. HA!
And finally, nothing at all cures the blues faster than playing in the snow with a dog that is shorter than the snowdrifts.
That’s all the photos I have right now. I have a bunch to use in the daily photo and soon I will be back on track with that. Have a loaf of sesame semolina bread in the machine right now. Yay. To all you, happy snow!