oh…I get it now

I piss and moan about the weathertards and they get their revenge by pulling out their huge freeze-ray and point it directly at me. It’s fuck-ass cold out there people. Every time I hit F8 and pull up my dash board (OSX Tiger widgets…YOW) the temp drops a degree. It’s -11 out there. Sucks ass.
Fuck you, weathertards! I still think your climate related histrionics are stupid! Go back to the days of the felt cloud on the map of the US. YOU SUCK BALLS.
Speaking of balls, I told Jessi today that if I had a left nut I would totally trade it for a self warming steering wheel.
And speaking of my car, the stereo automatically displays the band and song name of whatever’s playing on the radio. I’ve jad this car since July 1st and I just noticed?? yeah, well, I never listen to the radio unless it’s NPR, but lately I’ve been popping over to 89.3 The Current (NPR’s ‘current music’ radio station, though I have to say they need to cut back on the Journey tributes, seriously. Hipster trend-pandering or not, Journey sucked then and they suck now). I love this little feature on my stereo for the very obvious reason…now I know what the fuck I am listening to!
There are moments I wish I could capture on film forever, not necessarily to share with you, but just for me. Like when Ghengis is tired he stretches himself into alooooong tube with his back feet out behind him and his stumpy front legs out front then he tiredly rubs his face on the floor and falls asleep. Or the way that Maddie curls up into such a tiny ball that her hippo head takes up half her volume!
Soon the boy and I have to go over and feed the shapeless lump. It’s so cold, I’m actually dreading it, but the promise of playing Katamari Damacy will get me over there.
Of course, I don;t even know if I will get the damned thing on, he’s got no less than 87 remotes each with at least 524 buttons, buttons must be turned on in order!