1. Big news about Lily!! Lily has made a big, foolish, impulse purchase!! Dang, girl! I think that’s the sweetest impulse purchase I’ve ever had the honour of being part of. So, weekend of the 14th, if you have nothing better to do and you would like to ride the rollercoaster at the mall or eat rack of lamb or go to Cupcake (is Cupcake the ‘it’ place for me to take out of towners? I think so) or chill with the chica, stop on by (provided you’re not batshit crazy or allergic to lamb).
2. Spent a couple days wondering if I was suffering from heat sickness and excess dust inhalation or if I was truly sick. Vote goes to sick, I think we’re at ‘cold’ not ‘flu’ which usually bodes better for me, the queen of walking pneumonia.
3. So the boy makes me a cheese/salsa/chocolate chip quesadilla thingy the other day and most people would say ‘eeeeeuw’ and I’ve got just enough problems in my head to go ‘damn! good! more!’ (apparently, stuff like this makes me caveman-like). Now I want them all the time. I’ve got problems.
4. I am the last person on the planet to see ‘The Office’. I am just now catching up on this pop-culture phenomenon. I got it off netflix and loved it, bought the series and the special. Just finished watching the special, and I know I must be pms-ing because I totally wanted to cry when Dawn came back to the party for Tim. I did not cry, but I did pet the dog. Petting the dog is a culturally accepted alternative to crying at the television. True.
5. The dogs will NOT settle down. I do not know what the deal is but my head hurts, my body hurts, my nose hurts and they won’t stop moving.