Sus pedos olian a repollo.

In one week exactly I get on an airplane and fly to Texas. Excited? Oh yes. Excited. Chicken fried steak of the gods, lots of beer, lots of music, spending time with Ethan and Sara! Going to make sure I get more pictures this time, too.
So… David’s a smart guy and I give good clues and he did a little research and figured out where we were going at the end of October. Here’s the deal, I’m all about fun! I’m all about excitement! I’m all about about celebrating important milestones in the presence of GOATS!!!
Yeah, that’s right, I booked a romantic weekend for 2 at a goat farm! Let that sink in for a minute…goat…farm. aaaaaaaw yeah! The goat farm has a guest house that you get all to yourself, the kitchen is stocked with food, you make your own breakfast so you don’t have to get up with everyone else on someone else’s schedule. You can play with the goats, learn to make cheese, hang out on the grounds, walk the labyrinth. You can also head out and go hiking at all the parks in the area! If it were warmer I would suggest canoeing, but the end of October is pretty chilly.
I am so so so very excited about this! Nothing says true romance like a smelly ungulate!
Okay, also, I just went to Google to find out if a goat was actually an ungulate and I ended up at Google Scholar!! Which is completely new to me, and that led me to this. I love the internet! From all the things on the internet that you can learn down to all the fucking crazies on the internet, I love it.
I love that today on the internet someone suggested that schools should publish their own textbooks in order to save money. Yes, teachers should add to their work load by also creating the textbooks that will be used and schools should have these printed up. Because somehow it’s cheaper to print up a limited run of books than it is to go to a company that can print up say, half a million at a time and sell them in bulk.
Of course his other scheme was to may more experienced teachers less as they did not have to work as hard, and the flip side being that we would pay less experienced teachers more because they had to work harder to figure shit out.
I suspect his meds ran out sometime last week and the demons have taken over once again.
Goodness, it’s a lovely day out! I should not be here. I should be at home doing lovely day related things!
This weekend is Danish breakfast at the Danish American Fellowship (how cool is that? cooler than you think). They’ll be serving abelskiver among other things. I used to have a running joke about abelskiver with someone but for the life of me, I can’t remember the basis of the joke or who I had it with.
If you or anyone you know has any information about a long running abelskiver-related inside joke with me, please contact me!