Playdate redux

Playdate went swimmingly. Ghengis got his ass kicked all over that yard (but not in a bad way! Just in a “wear him out and give me a break” way). Mary’s new dog is so sweet, or at least for the few seconds he wasn’t jumping all over my dog!
We’ll have to do this more often. We have the dog park and all but this also gives me the chance to just chill with people too.
Next time I am bringing beer.
OOOH! So I forgot to tell you about the freaky guy at the fair the other day! Just as we get in and we’re looking for the cheese curds we happen by the MPR booth. They’re giving away one of those Honda GoodEarthMobiles or whatever they’re called. David goes to sign up for the drawing and I wander away to study the map and look for cheese curds. A guy bounds up to me…
guy: blergghlyttterrrgllllgurg!!!!
me: what?
guy: blerrrrgghghgSTATION?!!!??
me: WHAT?
guy: are you promoting the station????
me: what?
guy: are you promoting the station here? is that why your hair is blue?
me: no…
guy: I figured with your hair and you’re standing outside the MPR booth you were working for the station
me: no…i…
guy: how many times have you been to the fair this year? do you just love the fair? do you know anyone from the station? I know this dj and he’s sure he knows me I’m in a band but we met and he was all ‘you’re right i don’t know you’ do you want a beer?
me: no…i…
guy: do you want 80 beers? I so glad to have met you here!!
me: no….i…nice to meet you
From here I’m desperate for David to finish filling out his form so I can have a gracious exit to this bizarre situation. Before my boyfriend shows up, we are visited by his girlfriend! What the hell. His demeanor changes, David shows up and I have my exit.
What. The. Hell.
Crazy people.