I need to get pictures posted. I have pictures. They need to be posted. You want to see Ghengis in his yellow bootie! You want to see the phone garage in my car. You want to see my cutie new boots. You want to see more of Maddie.
Here’s the way I see it…
Those people who say we should get out of Afghanistan and Iraq in order to stop the terrorist attacks are wrong. What you are saying is that cops should not respond to say domestic abuse calls because of the threat of the perp going next door and slapping his neighbors around. It’s a simplistic way to look at it, yes, but you do not say “oh the bullies are out there, let’s walk away”. No. If I was a woman in Afghanistan I’d be all like “you get your asses over here, you get me out of this fucking burqua and you make these fuckers stop hitting me. THEN you go find the people blowing shit up and punch them in the head.”
Do I agree with the situation in Iraq? No, I have huge issues with it, but I do know that something had to be done to help the people. I also think something needs to be done in Darfur, something needs to be done about the Lords Resistance Army, something needs to be done in places all over the world and we can not just walk away and ignore it because someone might disagree with us changing things and helping people. Obviously, when we look at Darfur, or Uganda or the Congo and our reactions to those, we seem to be pretty good at finding reasons to stay away.
But we don’t let some fucker with a bomb on his back keep us from helping.
Ghenghis’ foot is getting better. The prednisone is making his belly sick. Poor little guy. He sleeps under the bed when he does not feel good.
Maddie is good, very happy and content now. She eats her weight in Beneful every goddammed day! I have to rethink my calculations for food costs for them. I also have to get her comfortable in a Gentle Leader for when we go on our walks. It’s not so much that she pulls (the way Ghengis does) but every goddammed thing she comes across smells to very good to her. We can go about 3 to 5 feet before her nose is crammed into the ground and I can’t get her attention. She also marks constantly which is somethign I find rather odd in a spayed female.
In other news, I hate the transition music on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’. Don’t know why. Hate it.
I’m eating massive amounts of red bean (adzuki, not kidney) ice cream. I can’t explpain it. I love it so very much. I’m becoming a connoisseur comparing the amount of red beans in each brand, the consistency, the flavor and whether or not it has yellow jelly (don’t ask). Red bean ice cream is not something most people like. I love it.
David’s parents are in town for a few weeks. hmm, stressy, but just a little.
Today I am running from office to office like a psychotic little sunbeam! I’m bringing joy in the most peculiar way possible.
Also I got a new espresso machine from Mark. YAY!! YAYAYAYAYAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!
Alright, I’m off.
I am not a hobo.